Visitation Restrictions

Green Level Guidance Visitors permitted with some limits
Emergency Department
  • Up to two visitor permitted for duration
  • Up to two visitors permitted at same time
  • One doula, must be the same doula, for duration of birth parent's stay
Surgery/Procedure Patients
  • Provided social distancing can be accomplished, one visitor until patient is taken into prep
  • One visitor when patient is in recovery and preparing for discharge
Adult In-patient
  • Up to two visitors permitted at same time
  • Two parents or guardians may visit at the same time, unless COVID+ and PUI guideline applies
  • Siblings may be permitted for end of life
Immunocompromised No Visitors
  • EXCEPTION: one parent or one guardian of pediatric patients for the duration of stay
  • EXCEPTION: Exceptions may apply to pediatrics, labor and delivery, end of life and patients with intellectual, developmental or cognitive impairment including dementia, communication barriers or behavioral concerns.
  • EXCEPTION: one visitor, must be same person, for patients receiving end of life care
  • One visitor, must be same person for duration, may be permitted
  • Permission to visit is granted at discretion of care team
  • Permission to visit must be approved by care team in advance of visit
End of Life
  • No limit on number of visitors permitted, provided care team approves and deems it is safe and feasible 10 meet social distancing guidelines

Please note that the Pascack Valley Medical Center visitation status is currently green. Visiting hours are 8:00am - 8:00pm.