Sleep Center

The Sleep Center at Pascack Valley Medical Center proudly provides quality and comprehensive care to those in need of help. Our nationally certified staff understands the importance of sleep to your overall physical health and is committed to finding the best treatment for your sleep disorder. At Pascack Valley Medical Center we focus on accommodating our patients' busy lives, including having a shower available for patients so they may go to work after their study, scheduling weekend studies, and providing a comfortable environment for both patients and visitors.

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, a course of treatment can be defined and discussed. Treatments range from simple behavioral modification, such as weight loss or relaxation techniques, to medications, to a nasal mask or oral appliance worn during sleep to prevent airway collapse, and in rare cases, surgery to remove or alleviate breathing blockages. Most sleep disorders are easily diagnosed and treatable.

Many people with undiagnosed sleep apnea take over-the-counter sleep aids to fall sleep, then battle daytime sleepiness with coffee or energy drinks. Unfortunately, these substances only mask the symptoms.

Left untreated, the condition can cause serious health effects including high blood pressure, stroke, heart problems, depression, and Type 2 diabetes. Fortunately, effective treatment can help restore regular breathing rhythm and help you get a good night’s rest.

If you suspect you have sleep apnea, seeing your physician is the first step. He or she may recommend a sleep study. Depending on the results of sleep lab tests, your treatment options may include:

  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP):gently pressurized air is delivered through a mask over or under the nose, keeping the airway open during sleep.
  • Oral appliance therapy: a customized mouthpiece made by a dentist moves the lower jaw slightly forward. This opens space in the airway, allowing you to breathe properly during sleep.
  • Surgery:surgical procedures permanently open airway space to permit free breathing.

To learn more about The Sleep Center at Pascack Valley Medical Center, please call 201-383-1082.

For help setting up your home sleep test watch the video here.