Plastic Surgery

The Plastic Surgery Division of Pascack Valley Medical Center is focused on our community of health minded individuals who wish to be their best in every way. Everyone recognizes that looking good helps you feel good. In an effort to help you be proactive with your health, along with being a boutique hospital with four star amenities specially re-designed for your comfort and safety with state-of-the-art plastic surgery treatments, a large part of the Pascack Valley Medical Center Plastic Surgery mission is committed to helping you optimize your health destiny and helping you look and feel your best.

With the combination of outstanding plastic surgeons always striving to deliver their best care to their patients AND our unique new facility, we will help you find your fountain of youth in a way not provided in many other world class medical centers.

More specifically, the Plastic Surgery Division of Pascack Valley Medical Center offers the most advanced form of aesthetic procedures (with focus on both optimizing function and form), including plastic surgery for:

  • Improved breathing with treatment of blocking structures (Deviated nasal septum, turbinate hypertrophy) coupled with enhancement of nasal appearance
  • Seeing better with removal of eyelid droop (ptosis) coupled with optimal enhancement of the eyelid's look
  • Less back pain from reducing excessively heavy breasts coupled with enhancement by breast lifting/shaping.
  • Removing/treating benign skin lesions (including premalignant/atypical lesions) and skin cancer for optimal curative benefit coupled with optimal post op appearance (often cosmetically enhanced) and minimal scarring
  • Combining breast cancer treatment/mastectomy by the Breast Center coupled with post op beautifying breast reconstruction, from traditional breast implants to the state-of-the-art DIEP microsurgical flap and scarless micro lipoinjection (BRAVA+AFT)
  • Combining weight reduction surgery/ major weight loss programs by the Bariatric Center coupled with body lifts/liposuction-skin tightening/body contouring with emphasis on minimal scars and beautiful body shaping

In addition to these combined functional aesthetic (reconstructive) plastic surgery procedures the entire range of cosmetic plastic surgery is offered, from nonsurgical injectables and skin rejuvenation to pure aesthetic surgery.

For more information on nonsurgical procedures click here. For more information on surgical procedures click here.

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