Center for Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolism

Welcome to The Center for Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolism. The Center is a comprehensive program to help manage your diabetes and weight concern needs all in one convenient location at Pascack Valley Medical Center.

The Program

Get diabetes and weight loss under control with experts who will guide you through your journey. Our team of experienced certified diabetes educators including a nurse practitioner and registered dietitian have created a comprehensive program to help you gain the knowledge, skills and tools to achieve and maintain control of your diabetes while delaying or preventing its complications. The Center provides education, support and management in individual 1:1 and group settings for:

  • Type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Weight management concerns

Patients receive expert guidance, education and management tools from a board certified collaborating physicians, certified diabetes educators, nurse practitioner and registered dietitian in an individualized 1:1 or group setting. Our team approach allows you to receive the best possible care.

The Knowledge You Need to Live a Healthier Life

  • Individualized meal planning, weight management, carbohydrate counting
  • Medication /Insulin Management
  • Self-Monitoring blood glucose
  • Managing high & low blood sugars
  • Insulin pump & sensors
  • Analyzing and interpreting blood sugar trends and patterns
  • Stress management, risk reduction, problem solving and goal setting
  • Community lectures
  • Support groups and shared medical appointments

Nutrition Counseling and Weight Management

A registered dietitian can assist you in managing many of your health concerns, including, but not limited to, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, managing your blood sugars, reducing cardiovascular disease risk factors, and balancing key nutrients for optimal kidney function. Nutrition counseling is also available for those who would like to be proactive about their health or weight status.

We know that making dietary changes is not easy, but with the help of our dedicated dietitian, you can learn how to select healthy food choices specific to your health or weight concerns and learn how to prepare delicious, healthy meals. Unsupervised diets, or “fad/binge” diets are usually harmful and not effective long term. We can separate facts from “fads” for you in order to provide the most accurate nutrition advice that works for your specific lifestyle.

During your appointment with the dietitian, you can expect to receive individualized counseling catered to your specific needs. You will discuss your current diet and weight history and any medical concerns that exist. Together, you will come up with improvements to your current eating plan and set goals that fit your lifestyle.

If nutrition and weight loss counseling options have not worked in the past, our bariatric surgery solutions are safe and comprehensive. They are performed by expert, board-certified surgeons and assisted by experienced follow-up teams.

Making lifestyle changes towards living a healthier life is a journey that takes time. That’s why The Center for Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolism provides ongoing medical advice and support.

First Nutrition Consultation is FREE. For appointments and more information, call 201-781-1375.

The Center for Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolism.
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