Your Best Source for PHI (Personal Health Information)? Your PCP!

Your Best Source for PHI (Personal Health Information)? Your PCP!

When you’re looking for new information, most likely you turn to an online search engine like Google, which many people consider to be the best source of general information on the Internet. 

But what about specific information, like the kind involving your health? Do you contact your primary care physician (PCP)? You should, as your PCP is the best source of information about your personal health. 

Your PCP can manage your day-to-day health needs and care for you when you’re ill. They can schedule appointments for annual physicals, health screenings and immunizations, all customized to your age, gender and health conditions. 

If you have a chronic condition like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, they can prescribe medications and lifestyle changes to help you control and minimize the risks of these conditions. 

If your health changes and it warrants a specialist, your PCP can refer you to the appropriate provider for your condition. 

Over time, your PCP collects information about your health and reviews it during your visits. That’s why it’s important to see your PCP at least once a year. With their education, training and experience, you can trust that your health is in expert hands.