For Our Patients and Visitors

Visitors Policy

While phone and video calls continue to be encouraged, the expanded patient-centered visitation guidelines are as follows:

  • Patients are allowed one visitor at a time, unless the patient is a minor (both parents or guardians are permitted). Exceptions will be made in special circumstances as determined by the facility.
  • Visitation to COVID-19 Positive and Persons under Investigation (PUI) patients is by appointment only. These appointments will need to be scheduled and coordinated through the patient experience manager or the AHN (weekends and off hours).
  • All visitors must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Visitors are permitted on a limited basis from 11 a.m. - 7 p.m., with the exception of the Women’s Services where visiting hours are 24 / 7 and Emergency Department at the discretion of the clinical team.
  • Visitors must report to the main lobby in order to have access to a patient’s room.
    • Visitors will be provided with appropriate PPE and masks and instructed on how to wear them.
    • If visitor refuses to wear a mask or requested PPE, they will be asked to leave the facility.
    • Visitors must wear a facemask at all times within the facility.
    • Visitors must undergo symptom and temperature checks upon entering the facility. If they fail the screening, they will not be allowed to enter.
  • Visitors must perform hand hygiene before visiting a patient. Sanitizing foam or gel will be available.
  • Visitors must remain in the patient’s room as much as possible throughout the visit, except when directed by hospital staff to leave for specific procedures.
  • Visitors may use the cafeteria and other amenities available to patients.
  • Visitors may not be present during procedures, or in the recovery room, except for:
    • Pediatrics
    • Childbirth
    • Patients with an intellectual, developmental or other cognitive disability
  • Visitors for surgery patients may wait for the patient in the patient’s room, while the patient is having his/her procedure.
  • Patients undergoing other procedures such as Endoscopy or Interventional Radiology will be encouraged to either return to the hospital upon completion of the procedure or wait in the hospital main lobby if they would rather stay on-site.
  • 6 ft. social distancing must be maintained in any common areas such as waiting rooms, lobbies, cafeterias, etc.
  • Outpatients may be accompanied by one adult.